The body has several stress areas. The upper and lower back are primary stress points and left to continue without relieving the stress can cause severe chronic pain and lasting disability. The muscles and soft tissue in this area have a tendency to build up lactic acid due to stress. The blood vessels compress resulting in restricted circulation. As lactic acid accumulates the muscles connected to the vertebrae tighten, pulling the vertebrae down and compressing the discs. The result is degenerative disc disease, ruptured discs and pinch nerves. It’s all very painful and can be completely debilitating.

Our Oil of Eucalyptus Blend is a natural spray on pain reliever and can be used effectively for back pain. Spray it on the affected area and rub it around. It will absorb in by itself. The oil causes the blood vessels to open and relax bringing more circulation to the area and flushes out excessive lactic acid. As the muscles relax, tension is released from the vertebrae taking pressure off the discs. We also recommend using this oil regularly as part of a healthy regiment to prevent upper and lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain

“I have been healthy all my life and have participated in many sports and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Now that I am older I like to play golf but was getting lower back pain as a result. The pain would be so bad at times that I would have to walk with a cane and golf was out of the question. A friend recommended your Oil of Eucalyptus and that did the trick. I put it on my lower back occasionally and the pain is practically gone. I can now play golf again. Thanks.” Mike J – NY,NY.

Upper Back Pain

“My upper back and neck were so tight most of the time that I could hear the bones crack when I turned my head. I would have headaches and I was just uncomfortable sitting for any length of time. I came across the Oil of Eucalyptus Blend and started to use it regularly. The first thing I notice was that I could turn my neck easier. I was impressed. I use it on my entire back regularly and I can tell the difference. Thank you for making this natural product for pain relief.” Jeff S. – Bingington, NY

Sciatica Pain

“I use your Oil of Eucalyptus Blend for my lower back pain and after a couple weeks of use my sciatic pain had lessened and now only occasionally returns, but very lightly. Now that my lower back problem is under control, I am delighted that the sciatica in improving also.” Katherine J – Hagerstown, MD