How is this different than Ben-Gay™ and other topical Ointments?

Ben-Gay™ and other such preparations cause a chemical reaction on the skin that produces heat. The heat has some limited benefit. However, it is very temporary and does not dilate the blood vessels to result in an overall improvement. Some people use pain medications, Which simply lower one’s awareness of the pain and have dangerous side effects. They also lower one’s awareness of Life without having any beneficial effect on the cause of the pain. Comfort Station’s Australian Oil of Eucalyptus improves circulation so the body’s natural healing properties are enhanced. It’s all natural, Safe and continued use results in an improvement in the condition naturally.

Does the Oil create Heat?

No, There is nothing in the oil that creates heat. Some people do feel some heat after they apply it. This is from their increased circulation in the area and indicates circulation was lacking in that area.

How Can I Reorder?

You can reorder through this web site or call directly. The phone number is on the bottle and on our literature. Your oil will be sent by priority mail and shipped the same day if the order is received by 12:00 noon EST. You can also mail in an order form with a check.

Can Children Use it?

Yes, although a very small amount is needed. We recommend not using the Oil on infants because they may rub it in their eyes and mouth. You can spray a little into a vaporizer for children who are congested or have colds.

What are other uses for the Oil?

There are numerous uses. The wonderful fragrance and relaxing benefits of this unique blend lend itself to a variety of ways to enhance your personal health and well being. Listed here are a few:

Bath – Treat yourself to a wonderful relaxing bath. Just put one capful of Oil of Eucalyptus into the bathwater. Relax and enjoy this serenity moment. Your muscles will relax. The fragrances will soothe you. Take the bath at night and you’ll enjoy a great nights sleep. You’ll find your muscles will be more flexible and you’ll have more energy. We recommend the ” Eucalyptus Bath” at least once a week.

Foot Massage – We are tough on our feet, especially if we stand a lot. The muscles and blood vessels compress from the weight of our body and can impede the normal flow of blood to muscles and tendons. This causes feet to be tired, sore and stiff. Apply Oil of Eucalyptus each day to your feet and gently massage. They we feel more alive, flexible and you’ll enjoy the benefits of “Happy Feet”.

Massage Oil – This is a wonderful added benefit to a relaxing massage. The fragrance will help you relax and the soothing properties of the oil will enhance circulation adding to the overall enjoyable experience.

Use with your shampoo – Just one spray of Oil of Eucalyptus in your hand with your shampoo and massage your scalp. It will stimulate circulation and leave your hair refreshed and feeling great.

In the Hot tub – Add a capful to the Hot Tube. The circulating water will massage you while the Eucalyptus Oil gently enhances this serenity moment.