As a daily condition, there is almost nothing worst than having sore feet all the time. Pain in the feet can cause restricted mobility, poor posture and a variety of skeletal and structural problems. The entire weight of the body is concentrated on the feet when you’re standing and the feet really take a beating so it’s important to take precautions to insure proper foot care. In addition to good quality shoes that fit well supporting arches, it is essential to maintain adequate circulation through out the foot. The blood vessels in the feet have a tendency to become compressed. This restricts blood flow. With less oxygen and nutrition going to the muscles, tissues, tendons and ligaments, lactic acid builds up through out the foot causing stiff, aching, painful feet. Sometimes it may feel like they are hot or burning. This painful condition is enhanced as we get older.

Our Oil of Eucalyptus Blend is a natural vasodilator (dilates blood vessels). By putting it on your feet regularly, better circulation brings relief to stiff achy feet. The natural oils in our formula also are great for reducing corns, bunions and dry skin.

Sore Feet, Almost Quit My Job

“I work in a warehouse and I’m on my feet all the time. My feet would hurt from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep at night. There were times when the pain in my feet would wake me up in the middle of the night. I thought I would have to quit my job and get a sit down job. I started using your All Natural Eucalyptus Oil on my feet and was surprised how fast my feet starting feeling better. I use it regularly now and so do most of the guys in the warehouse. Great idea.” Ben B. – Harrisburg, PA

Works Retail; Sore Feet and Leg Cramps

“I work in a large department store and are on my feet all day. Needless to say my feet would get tired and I would have cramps in my legs and feet. When I started using your Oil of Eucalyptus I could feel an immediate improvement. I use it regularly now. My feet feel good and no more cramps.” Bonny L. – Dover, DE

Corns Went Away

“No matter what kind of shoes I wore, I would get painful corns on my feet. I started using the Oil of Eucalyptus from your company and in a short time my corns started to go away. I keep using the oil daily and the corns are gone.”