The Power of Eucalyptus for Health and Healing, by Jack Malloy


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Book Description: Do you suffer from headaches or migraines? Are you tired of short term fixes that just address symptoms? Do back aches and sore feet keep you from living the active life you deserve? Is there an alternative to pills and surgery? Does the pain of arthritis cripple your ability to move freely? Do chronic sinus problems plagiarize you? Are you addicted to nose spray? All these problems have been prevalent throughout history and certain enlightened civilizations have successfully addressed them, and many more by using a special Eucalyptus based Liniment. This author has introduced thousands of people to the healing powers of this Liniment and many of their stories are included. Discover for yourself the power of nature’s most versatile and effective natural healing remedy. Nature’s gift of health is now, and has always been, available to everyone.

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