The moving and hinged parts of our body are called joints. They are complex structures that enable us to move. Over time some joints can develop a build up of calcium or arthritis. The arthritis causes the blood vessels in the area to constrict and circulation is then reduced resulting in a excessive amount of acids in the soft tissue in the joint area. This causes inflammation, stiffness and pain. Joint pain can also be cause by tendonitis and damage to the ligaments and tendons. The pain experienced in the joint area comes from the soft tissue surrounding the joint and the inflammation associated with it.

Our Oil of Eucalyptus Blend is a natural vasodilator ( expands blood vessels) . It penetrates, expands the blood vessels resulting in better circulation to the painful area. Better circulation helps to flush out the excessive acids and improve mobility to the joints.

Painful Hands and Fingers

“My hands and fingers were so sore that I would have difficulty holding a cup of coffee. I was even hesitant to shake hands with people because it would hurt my fingers so much. Now that I am using your all Natural pain reliever on my hands I can hold cups and plates and feel fine when shaking hands. What a wonderful natural product.” Mable J – Lancaster, PA

Stiff Sore Knees

“I wanted to let you know that since I started using your Oil of Eucalyptus Blend on my knees the pain has reduced 90%. I can go out dancing with my girlfriend again. I’m 86 yrs old and love to dance.” Jonathan S. – Rochester, NY

Rotator Cuff

“About three years ago I had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. The operation went well and was necessary because the damage was severe. Even after three years, occupational therapy, water aerobics and other therapies I still had severe pain in my shoulder. I could move it but it was painful. By chance I tried your Oil of Eucalyptus Blend and for the first time in three years I had no pain. I use it now to prevent other injuries. Thank You.” Ralph B – Timonium, MD