Defining this word give us a better insight into this condition. Fibro means tissue. Myo means related to muscle. Algia, Having to do with pain. The word means muscle and nerve pain. Due to restricted circulation, acids build up in the tissues causing nerves to get inflamed. People with this condition hurt all over most of the time, although it can be concentrated in certain areas of the body. It drains energy and restricts activity. It’s a real condition that can affect the quality of life for those afflicted. Our Oil of Eucalyptus is a natural vasodilator (expands blood vessels). Apply directly to the skin in the affected areas. The increased circulation helps to flush out excessive lactic acid causing the muscles to relax and feel more comfortable.

Hurting all the Time

“Nobody knew how much pain I was in all the time. My legs, back and shoulder hurt constantly and I was tired from lack of sleep due to the pain. I felt my life was slipping away. A friend recommended your Oil of Eucalyptus and what a wonderful surprise. After a few applications the pain reduced markedly. I use the oil regularly and I feel much better. My friends love it too. “Mary S. – Harrisburg,PA

Hurt to the Touch

“I suffered with fibromyalgia for years. At times my muscles and skin were so sore that just touching me hurt. I started using your Oil of Eucalyptus and in a short time I felt better. My body is more relaxed and I even sleep more soundly. I use this wonderful oil regularly and it the only thing that actually works for me to ease the pain and discomfort. I love that it is natural.” Sue M. – Frederick, MD

Can’t sleep well due to Fibro Pain

“When I lay down to sleep, I could only stay in one position for a few minutes before I would start to hurt on the side I was lying due to the fibromyalgia. I would toss and turn and couldn’t get a good night sleep. I finally resorted to sleeping sitting up in a chair but I never felt rested. A friend, who has a similar condition, recommended your Oil of Eucalyptus. With in a few days of use I noticed my muscles were more relaxed and now I can actually get a good night sleep in bed. Thanks for making such a great natural product” Jean W. – Sommerville, NJ