Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints causing pain, stiffness and restricted mobility. As calcium builds up on the bone the surrounding blood vessels get constricted resulting in acidic concentration in the soft tissue around the arthritis. The pain is not in the bone, although it feels that way. There are no nerves in the bone itself. We can’t get rid of the arthritis but we can reduce the pain in the soft tissue surrounding the arthritis caused from the build up of acids. Apply our Oil of Eucalyptus blend directly to the arthritic area. It penetrates causing the blood vessels to expand, resulting in better circulation to the stiff painful area. The increased circulation is effective in reducing the acid concentration. Relief can be felt in minutes and lasts from 5 to 18 hours.

Arthritic knees

“My knees hurt so bad that I was confined to a wheelchair most of the time. I started using the Oil of Eucalyptus and on knees and I was able to walk better ( although with a cane). This stuff is great, natural and doesn’t conflict with my medications. I’m 86 years old and I appreciate your wonderful product.”
Robert M. – Philadelphia, PA.

Arthritic Hands

“My hands hurt so bad that I had a hard time opening doors and was afraid to shake hands with people due to the pain. After using your Oil of Eucalyptus my hands are more flexible with far less pain. I even started to play the piano again. Thank you. Joan S. – Alexandria, VA

Arthritis Pain in the Back

“My Back hurt so bad from arthritis most of the time I couldn’t sleep and was taking pain pills just to get through the day. I’ve been using your Oil of Eucalyptus on my back and the pain has reduce 90% and I can actually get a good nights sleep and no more pain pills” Mike F. – Gaithersburg, MD